Research, cultivation & extraction of
pharmaceutical ingredients and industrial fibers.

The finish with the components and the quality as well as control becomes unique. Of course we do not know every room in the world, but we can certainly keep up with the performance and the equipment with the big ones. And the concept that we can adapt the 6 rooms modularly to different lamps or double stage tables and thus adapt to every trend in the coming years is, with great probability, unique.

Data gives a better idea


We are looking forward to sharing our developments, infrastructures and processes with partners, 3rd party growers and buyers in the form of products, services and sales platforms - and hope to complement and strengthen the local industry and our location by building and offering these services.

Our B2B services are still being built and will enter initial testing with selected partners in early 2020.


We serve a broad range of industrial and retail markets and specialize parts of our operations to accomodate individual product qualities and properties, aswell as cultivation norms, regulations and standards.


Flowers, extracts and preprocessed plants for application and use as ingedients in phramceutical products


Chemical extracts, concentrates and plant material grown under controlled clean-room conditions.

Industrial Fibers

Materials for industrial applications, compound materials and use in ecological building.


Oils and extracts suited for use as ingredients of healthcare, beauty products and consumable items.


Our R&D efforts root in and apply to other fields of indoor agriculture which we are constantly exploring.


Traditional CBD flowers and
extracts for OEM-branded
consumer products.

Let us know if you have needs beyond the listed products, markets and applications

We also grow under client-specific conditions and are happy to accommodate different industries, usages and applications.


We dedicate a part of our capacities to the development of competitive processes, infrastructures and services ranging from stackable infrastructures to power/water/heat distribution concepts and the development of complementary services around extraction, certification and processing technologies.

• Stack-/rackable, scalable, portable and modular grow units

• Oil and chemical compound extraction processes and custom machinery

• Lab services, quality control, certifications and cooperative distribution channels

• Energy, water and air consumption/circulation systems and improvements

• Compound products, refinement and applications for raw fiber materials

• OEM branding services, product & packaging development, distribution pools

• Grow housing architecture and construction concepts

• low-cost sensor networks, reporting, analysis and predictive automation features

• Industry specific B2B tools and software

Our Process

That's How We Do It

1. Planning

2. Idea

3. Design

4. Development

5. Result

About Us

We are a cultivation and research outfit based in Zurich, leveraging Switzerland’s unique legislations, standards and geographical position in the European marketplace.

Vertical Growing AG formed in 2018, uniting known and proven cultivators with new technologies, research and a experienced sales/management team to create and apply cutting edge growing concepts to operations in- and outside of Switzerland. We run in full compliance with a broad set of existing and upcoming national/international regulations and standards – and we are actively working to meet and implement industry-/client-specific methods, practices and conditions.


Vertical Growing AG is focused on developing advantages through unified and scalable end-to-end solutions, efficient processes and open platforms for high volume growing under a wide range of industry- and client-specific conditions and terms.

This R & D is set up on top of – and complentary to – our own commercial growing operations that feed us a wealth of data and potential applications. We are commited to this longterm “fullstack” approach and are happy to take on partners sharing our interests and approach.

We are managed by a great technology venture capital firm based in Zürich, Switzerland that shares our vision and actively helps out in managing our operations. Feel free to reach out to us for further information on our funding, structures and positioning.

Contact Us

We are located just outside of Zürich - a few minutes away from ZRH Airport and available weekdays during standard business hours under following adresses and numbers:

Vertical Growing AG

Überlandstrasse 107
8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

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